We have released our early access version of the game a month ago officially on 02/22/22! This has been an exciting time for us going through this journey and seeing how much of the community has been engaged with our game that we have kept very quiet about. We have been pleasantly surprised by everyone’s contributions in the discords or through streamers and all the positivity! Our goal is to keep developing this game and hopefully build a re-playable horror game you can come back to and make progress on. We are gamers just like you and feel this is something no horror games currently have done very well. You can expect a monthly update from us here at the beginning of the month typically, we will try to target the first of each month in a similar format like this to go over what was done in the past month and what we are currently thinking of doing.

To recap for this first month, we have been fixing small issues, new ghost sounds, general optimizations, death item variety, an actual trailer, clue changes, map improvements, audio improvements, new camera system, and the start of the mission tutorial. You will probably see improvements to the camera system to include night vision and other factors possibly in evidence in future. We also would like for the mission tutorial to be finished soon with voice lines so that everyone can have a better chance at understanding how to play. We encourage everyone to checkout the roadmap as we will reference that in these posts. So going forward you should expect us to update the game generally every Thursday and fix any issues we find and can fix.

Going forward into Q2 we will add new tasks, new equipment, some progression system, story generator improvements, favorited generated stories, and the ritual system. For April, there will be some work done for new tasks, new equipment and hopefully start work on the ritual system. There should be some improved differences in lighting as well this month and hopefully addressing some no clip issues for some of the evidence or death items in game. As always please feel free to say hi in the discord and give us feedback as we will always be listening and easiest to reach in the discord.

Thanks again for everyone’s support!

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